Polycarbonate multi-wall & acrylic sheets

Multi-wall PC sheets are produced with the latest production technology. The sheets are rivalless product with its strong, light and durable features. They are mainly used and preferred in construction and advertisement. As it has high light transmission it is became prevalent in green house building and competing with PE film and glass. The sheet has around 80% light transmission, 250 times stronger, lighter and more durable than glass.
Policam multi-wall PC sheets are suitable to be used between -40C and 120C temperature range. Especially in the places where there is a strong hail stone risk and where heat insulation is important. Isik Plastik uses approved quality and world wide known raw material in its production. UV co-extruded layer on the surface of the sheets protects against harmful light of sun. Policam multi-wall PC sheets are produced in 2100mm width and up to 14000mm length and thicknesses between 4mm - 16mm.